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360° Seminar Series on Social Emotional Learning


This dynamic seminar series focuses on finding purpose and empowerment through social emotional learning (SEL) skills that enable individuals to build life skills associated with 5 core competencies including: self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness, and relationship skills.  The seminar provides a 360° approach to empower teachers, parents, and students to utilize the SEL framework within your community.


The seminar series incorporates  skills for:

  • Realizing purpose and potential with goal setting

  • Enhancing self-compassion

  • Developing mindfulness and gratitude practices

  • Creating effective communication

  • Establishing social connection and support


In our 1 day seminar, we introduce educators, parents, and students to the 5 SEL competencies, explain the importance of these skills, and provide methods for successfully integrating skills into daily interactions.  We provide 45-minute interactive presentations for each group - educators, parents, and students.  These presentations provide a common language across home and school environments, making this 1-day training impactful.

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