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Responding to Bullying with Empathy, Empowerment, and Engagement


Danielle Matthew, LMFT collaborates with schools and educators to discuss possible and specific bullying situations to help you create positive parent-school communication and a safe school environment for your students.

School consultations include situation assessment, bullying education, establishing the type of bullying, and intervention and outcome recommendations. 


In this presentation, educators, parents, and clinicians will walk away with...

  • Clear understanding of the of what is bullying and why it happens

  • Provides information about 4 main types of bullying - cyber, relational, physical, and verbal

  • Strategies for empathy, empowerment, and engagement to manage bullying situations

  • Help children address and handle bullying themselves

  • Provide tools for teaching positive coping skills and building self-esteem

  • Help decrease negative thoughts, depression and anxiety

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