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Helping Adolescents Launch Into Adulthood


This presentation equips educators and clinicians with the social emotional learning (SEL) tools needs to launch adolescents as they face a variety of societal stressors.


You will walk away with...


  • Understanding adolescent development and the way it has been impacted due to current societal pressures

  • Knowledge about the 5 areas of SEL as a support mechanism for teens and young adults

  • Practical applications of SEL tools for classroom or clinical support to build self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness, and positive relationships

  • Methods for launching from adolescence into adulthood including how to:

    • Develop healthy identities and promote self-esteem

    • Feel and show empathy for others

    • Improve problem solving skills & learning competencies

    • Establish and maintain supportive relationships

    • Manage emotions while achieving personal goals

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